Monday, July 26, 2010

Some pretty pictures...

...and a punch of style for your week ahead!! I work on prettying my nest, I'm constantly on the lookout for the next piece of inspiration to reach out and grab are some random images from this week's forays into the design world.

Hello. Monday.

Love this. Very do-able...covered settees/colorful cushions/plants/lamp/mirrors=all elements usually found within our own homes. I would love to recreate this space in my own home...even the wall art seems possible (if I were allowed to paint-we rent, you see). But there's loads of options opening wall decals, mounted fabric (and some more, which I would like to introduce you to in my future posts...)

A little OTT in my opinion....but those gorgeous pieces of furniture were just calling my name...they remind me of Kashmiri walnut wood carving...sigh!

Framed fabric=genius.

Blue pottery+shades of brown... what a pretty combination.
All images unless mentioned otherwise: Elle Decor.

This weekend was the usual: chores and errands + firefly watching + cooking up a few treats. I cleaned and scrubbed like a woman possessed...I'm happy to report that we are now several U-haul boxes lighter (luckily for us, our neighbors are moving and I gladly passed them on--anything to prevent them from landing up in a landfill...I don't understand why some states don't recycle!!). In other news, can't get this song out of my head.

This week, as promised, we will be travelling to Asia for a really heavy dose of hold on to your hats coz' this ride's about to begin.....!!! Check back tonight for the first installment.....(*giggle* I love acting like the suspense-wala announcer...seriously, what a ham, huh?)


  1. OOH, I LOVE that farmhouse table (and the lights hanging above it). Thanks for sharing some inspirational pictures. :)

  2. Hi Amanda, glad you liked them..I can't draw my eyes away from the mirror! :)

  3. Oh.. GB.. I love the fabric behind the Buddha.. and also that table & dining area.. Gorgeous... inspirations... GB!! You've got me rethinking my plans now...:-)

  4. oh and I love the wall of the first image... :-)

  5. Patty, I'm so with you...I think with every new picture, I'm pulled in a different direction. :) I should rename this blog---"desi(gn) confusion!!!"

  6. thats a wonderful wall design...

  7. The first image is lovely...nice post Gagan!
    Thanks a ton once again!!...yah, at last!!!..for the last one month it was happennig with my updates on my followers blogroll!!was very strange! isn't it??...blogger was not at all responding...yup!!
    Are you on Facebook? Pl let me know...

  8. I love that first pic with the wall all decked up so elegantly! Lovely inspiration...thank you!

  9. Gagan, I love the 1st pic! That one just exudes cosiness, warmth and lived in love :). The rest are great too :).

    I can't wait to see your home :). I am sure the landlord won't mind if you paint a pretty picture :).

  10. that framed fabric is gorgeous!

  11. GB lovely pics, but the best one for me is that dining table with those lamps above it! Just fabulous! Am really inspired by that wall art on the first one too...hmmm!

  12. @sanghamitra, Glad your sites up and running!

    @Sharon, Sans!, Designwali and Kamini: :) personal fave was the first one as well. and i really loved the idea of framing pretty fabric...think old sari pallu/old kurti front panel. So do-able!

  13. This post is full of delight! Love that first image. did firefly watching this weekend?!? That just sounds so whimsical!

  14. @Leigha: Thanks! One of my fondest childhood memories is stumbling upon a giant eucalyptus tree lit up with firflies. (A phenomenon I now know is called a "firefly flash" )

    I'm always looking to recreate the magic for my son...we saw a couple of fireflies out on our walk. Nothing spectacular, but we sure had fun! :)


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