Friday, July 16, 2010

Paisley Friday!

This week's paisley friday pick is........

Quilt of utter gorgeousness--Anthropologie's Laelia quilt. Don't you just love the chalkboard room. Genius!

A bird's eye view of the quilt design....

Happy friday, me hearties (sorry, been overloadin' on pirates this week in my other life as mom)! have a great weekend...Yo,ho,ho....


  1. You've been a pirate mom!! Ha ha!! dont know which one is better... pirates or the attitudes of hannah montanas...

    These are lovely... the burst of colours and the design.. Have a nice weekend!!

  2. Love your pick :) I want one! Youhave a great weekend, Garan :)

  3. I don't have to put up with Hanna M. (tho' part of me wishes I did...) but pirating can be fun... :)

    @Sans... :D thanks, its gorg. isn't it? :D

  4. Have a great weekend! Your comments are always appreciated :).

  5. Hiya! These are beautiful, and the chalk board room is gorgeous! Have fun!

  6. @OUATT, Thanks, :) so are yours... :D

    @KG, Sharon, I Know, right? Its going on my wishlist...I need to start making some money!!! :)

    @KG...I've left a comment on your blog, with my mail ID...out here, you just need to click on "here" on my contact me form.... can't wait for the pics....!!!


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