Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Home tour: Susan's Retreat in Singapore

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.”

- Oscar Wilde.

I'm sure by now you're as smitten by Sans! as I am.....didn't you just love the personality that peeked through in her interview?? Since I didn't want to mess it up lose the essence, here are a few welcoming words from Sans!' blog (to put it in context, these were the words she used to welcome her blogger friends to a virtual home-tour over at her blog!)

"So, come, come, my dear friends ! Welcome to my home. Oh, did you think this is my Indian palace? Ermm, I am ashamed (..not!) to admit, my miniature life has quite certainly taken over my real life!......... If you will please, do leave your beautiful shoes right at the door, that's it, thank you. And while I put on my favourite song.... 'fraid it's not anything Chinese, it's my current favourite from AR Rahman, the composer and singer for Slumdog? .. do sit down.."....

Here's what Susan has to say about her home/decorating style....

"As you can see in the pictures, I am heavily influenced by Indian Decor. I was so desperate for a copy of the Elle Decor, India (special edition) I had my brother call the publishing house when he was in Gurgaon and have 2 copies specially delivered to his hotel :)."
Let's drop in now and say hello, shall we?

Cozy corner in her living room.

Different angle. Love the wooden "guy" in the corner....he's hanging on to every word in the conversation... What a pal!!

On the coffee table......

Another nook in the living room.

I love that she's using carpets to cover her coffee table and diwan seat! how ingenious is that!!??!
(click on the images for larger pictures)

Living room in perspective.

Little vignette on her side table.

The details!

"Darwaza" vignette!!

Staircase often do we ignore/forget this space? Look at all she's done here. Gorgeous!

 Even more amazing--this is the approach to the landing. I can just imagine the ambiance when those tealights are lit!!!

Beauty. Personality. Charm. Character.....something no amount of money can buy!! I could go on posting pictures of this gorgeous home, that houses an extremely talented artist, with a very warm personality......or I could let you wander over to her blog for more inspiration....Enjoy!


  1. Lovely and eclectic!

  2. Ohhh, Gagan, you are such a darling! And you make everything about my home more special than they are :)! Thank you !

  3.!!!....full of character!!
    Thanks Gagan for introducing such a talented lady to me...yup,...from our Singapore!!
    Now, am off to her blog to say a big helloooo...:)

  4. luvd d antique "darwaza" n d coffee table wid a traditional touch.simply superb!!!

  5. Simply beautiful...i loved the coffee table, the sofa, cushion covers, darwaza...wait, i loved everything!

  6. Lovely, especially the landing! So creative!

  7. Isn't she amazing?... really loved the darwazas... :)and that landing!! :) Sans! thank you for opening your home to us....

  8. Wow! Love this. Love your blog too ... so many inspiration. I wanna get up and start re-doing my whole house! :) I am gonna go peek around your previous posts! And Thanks for your sweet comment on my post!

  9. Awesome!! the wooden table and the wooden furniture adds such a lovely warm look to the room!! the living room simply stunning!!

  10. @Tanvi: Thanks and welcome! :)

    @Purnima: there were so many gorgeous pictures I couldn't truly is a lovely home. :)

  11. so different. not the run of the mill style at all. lovely.

  12. *waves at Sanghamitra again :):).

    Sorry Gagan, just hijacking this again :).

    Went and google "darwaza" hehe! These are actually photo frames and I put baby pictures of the people in the house in them ! Black and white ones so maybe you can guess our age. haha :) I love these frames.

    Thank you everyone for the compliments!! I was worried that I may be over the top ..hehe!

    Thank you Gagan ! I felt like I had just thrown a tea party for some really wonderful guests :).

  13. @KG: totally agree with you!

    @Sans! Sorry..I should have put in an explanation on the term..

    Photo frames! who would have thought! what a lovely idea.

    Not at all OTT, babe! Thanks for the "tea party"...It was such a hit! :) And your landing makes me want to do up mine..... :)

  14. Love the so many books!!! sigh.. :)
    and all the cushions hehe.. i'm a very big cushions freak!


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