Tuesday, July 20, 2010


........or why I now need to hit the gym an extra half hour every day this week..........

Recipe adapted from here.

Disclaimer: I haven't done the exact calculations here, but my estimate is that the slice pictured above has close to 400 calories. Make sure you have company coming over if you make this. I omitted 2 tablespoons of sugar from the recommended 1.5 cups. I also omitted 1 tbsp of butter from the total 7 tbsps. (a drop in the bucket I know).... Half the cheesecake has been packed off for hubby's colleagues(two birds with one stone: I we don't end up in the ER, and his colleagues remind him how lucky he is to have me *beams* and *insane laughter* ...next time around...it'll be more coffee and less chocolate (chocoholic that I am, it was still too much for me!!!). Excuse the shoddy photography ( I tried, didn't I?). Any visits to the ER and/or clogged arteries incurred while experimenting with the above recipe are at your own risk. P&P denies any liability/refuses to pay costs incurred from said visits and/or clogged plumbing. The cheesecake was delicious. Will not be making this again.

Reminder to self: Send invites to all friends and neighbors (even enemies--if you really hate them).


  1. It looks delish!Lucky guy,that husbsnd of yours.;-)

  2. @Sumi: Thanks!! :) I can see you're as obsessed as I am about getting the spellings right!!?!


  3. The cake looks so delicious.. Its worth working out for extra hours..

  4. oh my!! dont do this to us... seriously!! I've put on a few cals just looking at it.. I like your idea.. of sending it to your hubbys office..

  5. Am glad I am not your neighbour . Won't be able to resist if you should offer!

  6. @Nitha, Patty and Sans! Thank a ton.... the cake is delish but I can just see all that cholesterol clogging up my arteries (why do they have to make such graphic commercials nowadays--I can just see all the platelets sticking to the inner walls of my arteries now...) but that doesn't mean I'm not going to have the cake....


    @Sans! i wouldn't mind being your neighbor... :)


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