Monday, June 28, 2010

Some serious eye candy: jewelry designed by Dori Csengeri

When I first saw Dori Csengeri's work I was spellbound...the curves, the intricate embroidery, the colors-- they were all very familiar and yet, exotic. A quick search (oh, google! how I love thee..) led me to the Israeli designer's website and a major drool fest ensued....I'll stop gabbing and let the pictures do the talking...

Look how detailed the clasp is. I Like!!


To quote Emeril--"Ooh yeah, Baby!" Aren't they exquisite? So these are all embroidered, on leather and she uses semi-precious stones. They're not cheap by any means (even on eBay the sell upwards of $300- yes, I checked!) But they sure are droolworthy. Oh well, a girl can dream. I think what attracted me to her work was that it is somehow reminiscent of Zardozi work- what with the tight curls and all. Do you get the Zardozi-meets-Tibetan design vibe here??  And I can swear that I've seen some pretty ornate "rakhis" on the stands that have the same look (obvi. not as polished as her work, but still). Whatsay? am I the only one who sees the connection?

Images from: Charm & Chain; designer Dori Csengeri can be found here.


  1. These are simply stunning. Tibetan no kidding, I also see a little Mayan/Aztec-ish from them. Maybe I need more coffee.

  2. @Nadine2.0...Maya/aztec---wow, now I have to research that thread... Thanks, hope you'll visit again!

    @Shaheen. :D Drool-worthy, no? Thanks for dropping in, hope to see you here more often!

  3. U sure have an eye for pretty stuff!!!
    DElightful blog!!!

  4. Oh my gosh Gagan, absolutely fabulous stuff. My fav is the 6th piece, the necklace.....amazingly beautiful! Tibetan, Mayan, Aztec...i also sense some Persin/Iranian even Turkish overtones! It is stunning! $300 huh? Maybe in my next life...!

  5. Yup, I definitely see those connections! Gorgeous jewelry, very exotic and definitely she has taken influences of various cultures while creating these. sigh...$300 is out of league for most women!

  6. @ Alison & SugarPlumFairy- Thanks! :D

    @Kamini: yeah, I sat and sulked over the sticker shock, too!

    @rkramadh: Thanks and welcome!

    :( for the $300 too.

  7. Hey Deepali, Pree, thanks!

  8. Beautiful pictures. Nice to be here. came from Indira's site.
    Best wishes.

  9. @KG- I know! I should have been born to millions or married a millionaire or stuck to my career and made millions myself(there's still time for the latter)!! Oh well...

    @Sangeeta kk-Thanks for coming by. I hope you'll visit often. :)

  10. Wow, those are so, so gorgeous!

  11. These are spectacular! I am ordering some for sure. Thanks for sharing these. They are truly work of art.

  12. wow, wow, so in love with these!! Gagan , you are doing a fabulous job with your blog. I love it!!


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