Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Designer Profile: Sarita Handa

I came across Sarita Handa's work in an older issue of House Beautiful. Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, she is a name to be reckoned within the home textile industry. You've probably come across her work in the following stores: Garnet Hill, Pottery Barn, Federated, Neiman Marcus, and Target.  Here is a sampling of what she has to offer....

I love the soothing colors and the tone-on-tone workmanship. Don't you think this is the perfect summer palette....

A more detailed look at the textures..

Pretty shades of blue.......

If that wasn't enough, wouldn't you love to have some drapes made of this:

Or this....
 Sigh! my all time favorite- paisleys!!!

Saving the best for last..............I die!! If I could just get my hands on this bedspread......... :)

Now wasn't that some fabulous eye-candy? Visit her on the web here.


  1. Oh my... such gorgeous stuff... I'm off to check her link now...

  2. You definitely inspire me as well! Gosh, it is surely elegant cushions!they are all very interesting! the texture, such a detailed stuff, the smoothness and sailing workmanship!Outstanding!thanks for sharing!

  3. Such wonderful stuff, thank God I am in Gurgaon!


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